Jumat, 30 September 2005

Ilmu Komputer

I spent my times for writing, some of my writing published at Ilmu Komputer (IKC).

Till this date, I already wrote 3 articles in this website:

Perbandingan Penggunaan Swap Pada Windows dan Linux
This small articles written from my experience comparing swap in Windows and Linux. Published at December 2003.

Sistem Operasi Terdistribusi
Thanks for my lecturer, Mr. Dani Adhipta, S.Si., M.T. for gave me idea of writing this article. I follow his course (Operating System), and we given task to write article about distributed operating system, then I decided to post it to IKC.

And then after long time not post article in IKC, I post an article in August 2005, and published at September 2005:

Honeypots: Definisi dan Nilai dari Honeypots
This article say and describe information about honeypots, an tool to trap the hacker or cracker.